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Diamond_Geezer Raindog wants to make love to the mountain {UberWhore}
See other side for details.
Connection speed: Direct (0.07 seconds lag time)
Became UberRessie: 15:18:12 - Fri, February 20 1998
Time logged on so far: 15 hours, 53 mins and 25 secs
Time logged in: 17:11:09 - Mon, March 27 2017 (UberWorld time)
Total login time: 3594 days, 1 hour, 41 mins and 24 secs
Truespod login time: 331 days, 13 hours, 20 mins and 44 secs
Chronic spod factor: 51.52%
Spodlist position: 1 (out of 290)
Idlelist position: 1 (out of 290)
Morph: Dog
Gender: Male
WWW homepage URL: http://state.tc
Also known as (irl): Jeremy
Paper Rock Scissors: 22 wins, 19 losses, 24 ties
UberStatus: UberGrandMaster UberSpod UberBuilder
Online Positions: UberMinister UberCreator UberWhore
Marital status: Net.engaged to Bluefish
Favourite NASA_Probe: Cassini
Favourite Iceburg: B-10A
Favourite Animal: Goat
Place of residence: $home = rand(@US_airports);
Available whois?: Yes

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