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This talker is based on the EW-too source code which was coded in 92/93 by Simon Marsh. A lot of work was also done on it in 1993 by Chris Hughes with it running as Foothills.

Then from December 1993 to May 1994 Athanasius did a *lot* of work on the code as Surfers and in September 1994 released his copy as "summink".

The work done on Surfers between the time Athanasius left as coder and when he released his latest copy of that code as Summink was carried out by Grim (Michael Simms), Fox (Jeremy Doran) and Nicolai (Nicolai Plum).

Around 1995 traP (Mike Bourdaa), astyanax (Chris Allegretta), Nogard (Hans Peterson) and vallie (Valerie Kelley) took the summink code, *drastically* worked on it and produced "Playground 96".

This version of the code is Playground Plus version 1.0, a version of Playground 96 with lots more bug fixes, much stricter compilation flags and a wealth of additional features, by Silver (Richard Lawrence), phypor (J. Bradley Christian) and blimey (Geoffrey Swift).

UberWorld is the product of the warped imagination of Richard Lawrence (aka Silver) and Scott Lamb (aka DeathBoy) and features code by Silver, Kalar (aka Peter Hibbert) and Jimbob (aka John Haselden). Many of its features came from the people who used the talker, however the majority of idea development was done by paean (Marcia van der Beek) and Silver (Richard Lawrence).


The original webpage templates were designed by Marcia van der Beek (paean). These where then developed and modified for use with the cgi messaging protocol by Richard Lawrence. The three dimensional map was produced by Chris Neale and the status icons by Andrew Collington.


The server which UberWorld is located on was generiously provided by Ian Kirk. The java telent was written by Dave Jarvis. Additional thanks go to Andy Church, Joseph Pepperkampf, Bendon, John Whiting and all the staff and residents that have helped shape UberWorld into what it is now.


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