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Connecting to UberWorld

By Telnet

You can connect to UberWorld using the "telnet" program. This is a standard program available on all popular computers. If you are running Windows then select the "Start" button, then "Run" and type:

telnet 2020

and you should be connected to the talker. If you are running UNIX then typing the above command in a terminal window will connect you.

Windows users should be aware that the standard version of telnet isn't very good and cannot handle colours. If you'd like colours then we suggest you try CRT or a telnet client

Mac users are recommended to use either Rapscallion or BetterTelnet. For the latter, we're told that 2.0fc1 is a good version.

If your web browser is correctly set up, then by clicking on this link you should be connected to the talker.

By WebClient

You can use our web-based client to connect to UberWorld. It creates a client within your web-browser and may help you avoid strict firewalls (since you don't actually make a telnet connecion at all). To have a go, click here.

By Java Telnet

You can use our java telnet to connect to Uberworld. This has the advantages of being in colour and provides a seperate input box for typing in. To have a go with it, click on the link.

By telnet client

People who use talkers and MUD's a lot swear by a telnet client. These make connecting easier by splitting up the input and output, allowing you to connect to lots of talkers at the same time, remembering talker addresses and a whole host of other features that you'll either use all the time or not at all.

For more information see our special section on telnet clients.

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     web client

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